Resilient Gift Concepts in Turbulent Times

Formerly known as Red Elk, Chapter Five Design House Noosa is your one stop shop for extremely unique Australian made gift and decor items.

Our business was built upon extremely simple, yet resilient gift concepts.

There is more to our simple concepts than meets the eye. They are products in which we were able to invest a great deal of faith, during turbulent economic times. 

Chapter Five is a Noosa based business that creates extremely original gift ranges, that are all hand made in Australia, and are also ethical, and eco-friendly. 

Partners in life & business, Sol & Byron met at art school 25 years ago and have since made use of their creative energies to design and create a wide range of unique, multi award winning Aussie made products.  

In 2010, the fallout of the GFC had left us with no home, no car, and no money. We now had nothing to lose!

We scraped together enough to purchase a clapped out old '96 Hyundai sports wagon. We drove with our 5-year-old daughter from Port Fairy to Port Douglas, selling our new 'message in a bottle' greeting gift, which paid for each leg of the journey.

That great little trip built awareness of a fun new product. We established wonderful relationships with business owners all over the place, that remain to this day. We owe a lot to all of these people for supporting our creativity over the past 12 years ☺

We have since created a wide range of unique multi award winning gift products that are simple, extremely original, well considered for trying economic times, and incredibly popular! ‘A Little Box of Happiness’, was our second greeting gift phenomenon.

Our new ‘Hunter Gatherer’ ranges include sustainably sourced natural found objects, ethically farmed seashells, natural and eco-friendly soy wax, pure essential oils, eco-friendly printed labels on recycled papers, ethically produced recycled card packaging, that is 100% recyclable, and all of our ranges are 100% Australian designed and owned, and hand made in Noosa, Australia. 

Since its humble beginnings, Chapter Five has grown through countless hours of design, product testing, development and production, and long road trips! Our visual arts background, plus a passion for vintage design has enriched the development of each of our ranges. We take pride and enjoyment in our work, and a big splash of happiness, plus a whole lot of love, goes into all of our products.

The core of our business is centred around happiness, which is the true source of love, health, wealth, and spiritual wellbeing. Our products deliver uplifting and inspirational messages of positivity, happiness, hope, fun, and gratitude, that truly make you feel good, and make a difference in people’s lives.

The quirky, fun nature of our products has been embraced by the gift market, and we are forever grateful for our broad array of stockists and customers throughout Australia and abroad who have supported our creative drive over the years, and for loving our products as much as we love creating them!

Our best-selling product ranges include Hunter Gatherer - Pure essential oil scented soy wax seashell candles, and scented soy wax tablets and melts, Chapter Five Australian made gift soaps, our original Happiness Kits, and Little Box of Happiness range, and our ever-popular Red Elk Message in a Bottle, All handmade right here in our Noosa studio.

Looking for those beautiful and unique seashell candles that are hand made in Noosa? Hunter Gatherer seashell candles are made from genuine, sustainably farmed seashells, and pure scented, natural eco-friendly soy wax, with a long burn time. Our beautiful seashell candles are the perfect addition to your home, or beach house. Adding a majestic oceanic vibe, they are also fantastic for romantic candle lit dinners, and beach themed weddings and events. Hunter Gatherer is our original range of pure scented soy wax seashell candles, and soy wax tablets and melts, scented with pure essential oils and decorated with sustainably sourced found objects and dried flowers.

Our great gift concepts are all hand made in Noosa, Australia. Our ranges include our award-winning Message in a Bottle, Happiness Kit, and A Little Box of Happiness range, the original greeting gift in a matchbox, which is a range of 26 titles including a little box of love, a little box of sunshine, a little box of friendship, and a little box of strength. They are perfect gifts for all family members, including Sister, Brother, Mother, Aunty, Father, Uncle, Grandpa, Nanna, Son, Daughter, Grandson, Granddaughter, Husband, Wife, Best friend etc. They also make great Teacher gifts, Christmas gifts, Wedding bonbonniere, Valentine’s Day gifts, Birthday gifts, Father’s Day gifts and Mother’s Day gifts. Our message bottles and gift boxes are memorable alternatives to a greeting card, which are the perfect gift that cover all occasions, and family members.  

Our unique, clever, yet simple products deliver happiness and fun to the recipient. 

Chapter Five is renowned for its Noosa handmade beach themed creations, that evoke memories of family summer holidays by the beach.

Our Chapter Five gift soaps are 100% natural and made in Australia. Hand wrapped in Noosa, they are a perfect, inexpensive greeting gift for all family members and occasions. Premium quality all natural triple milled nourishing soap bars. Made without sulphates, parabens, testing on animals or any nasty chemicals.

We have recently expanded our customized souvenir ranges to include hemp tote bags, beach bags, linen tea towels, postcards, bumper stickers, and stubby coolers.

Noosa Cookies, established in 2005, is our delicious range of homemade style cafe cookies. Stay tuned for exciting developments in 2022.